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Greetings to you, New Moon,

Kindly jewel of guidance!

I bend my knees to you.

I offer you my love.

I bend my knees to you,

I raise my hands to you,

I lift my eye to you,

New Moon of the Seasons.

Greetings to you, New Moon,

Darling of my love!

Greetings to you, New Moon,

Darling of the Graces.

You journey on your course,

You steer the flood-tides,

You lift up your face for us,

New Moon of the Seasons.

Queen of guidance,

Queen of good luck,

Queen of my love,

New Moon of the Seasons!

From “Magical Rites from the Crystal Well”, Ed Fitch


The Charge of the Crone

Hear the words of the Grandmother of Time:
She who has been known as
Hecate, Erishkagel, Cerridwen, Kali-Ma,
Anna, Perenna, Spider Woman,
and many other names
– some feared, and some loved,
but none ever ignored.
She it is who brings wisdom and
the awareness of eternity.

She has been the Maiden, and remembers that joy.
She has been the Mother, and recalls that pleasure.
But age has changed her,
and taught her the mysteries of
the Wheel that is ever turning,
the Wheel that is life, death, and rebirth.
She is the whirling tornado, the erupting volcano,
the rising tidal wave, the trembling of the earth’s crust.
With age comes an understanding of the past,
and a glimpse of the future.
For, in the turning of the Wheel,
the past is the future,
and the future is the past.
She is the Learned One, the Teacher,
the Bringer of Inevitable Change.

She is the Dark of the Moon, the Hidden One,
the invisible unknown that lies ahead.
But do not fear her for she is not malicious,
and her touch, however harsh, is love.

Only in ignorance is she scorned and reviled.
Those who do not know her,
parody her as the ugly old woman
whose powers were said to blight crops
and sour the milk in the cow.
It is fear that turns her age into abomination,
her wrinkles into hideous deformity,
and her voice into an evil and manipulative cackle.
For those who sought power over the earth were afraid
to face her wisdom and her unalterable truth.

But in the old days, we sat at her feet to learn the most ancient lore.
From her came the knowledge of the healing herbs,
and the chants and songs that shaped our lives.
She sat in honour at our councils, our marketplaces, in our homes.
She governed our governing, and interpreted our laws.
She gave focus to our changing seasons.
She was our teacher, our oracle, our promise of rebirth.

Come, honour her as of old,
listen now to the words of Wise One,
the ancient Seer, the Crone!

Zodiac Incenses

ARIES INCENSE   2 Parts Frankincense 1 Part Juniper 3 Drops Cedarwood oil

TAURUS INCENSE 2 parts Sandalwood 2 Parts Benzoin few drops Rose Oil

GEMINI INCENSE 2 Parts Gum Mastic 1 Part Citron -or- 1 Part mixed Orange and Lemon peel 1/2 Part Mace

CANCER INCENSE 2 Parts Myrrh 1 Part sandalwood 1 Part Eucalyptus 1 part Lemon peel (or a few drops of lemon oil)

LEO INCENSE Parts Gum Mastic 1 Part sandalwood 1 Part Juniper berries

VIRGO INCENSE 1 Part Mace 1 Part Cypress few drops Patchouli Oil

LIBRA INCENSE 2 Parts sandalwood 1 part thyme few drops Rose Oil

SCORPIO INCENSE 2 Parts Frankincense 1 Part Galangal 1 Part Pine resin (pitch)

SAGITTARIUS INCENSE 2 Parts Frankincense 1 Part Myrrh 1 Part Clove

CAPRICORN INCENSE 2 Parts Sandalwood 1 Part Benzoin a few drops Patchouli Oil

AQUARIUS INCENSE 1 Part Sandalwood 1 Part Cypress 1 Part Pine Resin

PISCES INCENSE 2 Parts Frankincense 1 Part Eucalyptus 1 Part Lemon Peel few drops Sandalwood oil

Kitchen Witch is what I be

Ever Mindful of the rule of three.
By full moons glow I honor my path,
but first cleansing myself by a ritual bath.
The Watchtowers four I call asunder.
I chant for power, as Thor lends to me his thunder.
Casting my circle thrice round,
upon the hearth of Fairy ground.
Skyclad under the moon I invoke their power,
as upon this realm time is within the Witching hour.
For with this ritual that I cast
I seek enlightenment present,future and old ways past.
Bring to me with in the realm of sleep,
visions of the Lord and Lady in their forest keep.
Grant me the strength and passion to go on,
for when daylight breaks and my visions are gone.
Keep me on this path steadfast and true.
So shall I dream, so shall I do.
As my ritual candle flickers it’s end.
It’s last light to the world I shall send.
For within it’s burnt wick hope is cast about.
As I close the circle upon this Fairy mount,
my ritual intent is drawn in by the moon.
Night wanes fast for morn is coming soon.
The Morning sun will take my intent within it’s grasp,
and shine it upon all those who walk on this path.
All Witches, young and old,
for our secrets and lore on magical pages
within a Book of Shadows be told
Learn as many lessons you can each day
As my ritual candle burns eternal to light your way.

by Lady Mayre

The Kitchen Witch’s Creed

In this pot, I stir to the sun

an’follow the rule of harming none.

Banishment of bane when goin’ widdershins

an’ with water and salt negativity is cleansed

Household duties are more than chores

Magick abounds when mopping floors.

With this broom, I do sweep

to clean my house and safety keep

Marigold, Basil, Thyme, and Yarrow

my spell is cast for a better tomorrow.

Lemons for joy and apples for health

the pow’r within brings great wealth.

And, in this kitchen I do pray

To truly walk the Witches’ Way

Herbal Altar Pentacle

  • 3 – 4 tablespoons dried herbs of your choice/intent
  • Bakeable  clay in your choice of color.  Amount varies according to the desired size. 4 to 5 blocks of clay are usually more than sufficient for a pentacle less than 12 inches in circumference.
  • Round piece of wood or cork in your choice of size
  • Cookie sheet
  • Hot glue sticks and hot glue gun

1. Using your fingers, thoroughly mix the herbs into the clay.  Charging the mixture with your intent.
2. Divide  the clay into five equal portions, then form them into long rolls by rubbing them between your palms.  Position them on the wood or cork to form a five-pointed star; join and smooth the ends together, trimming if necessary.  Remove the star from the round piece and place it on the cookie sheet.
3. Charge the star with your intent.
4. Bake the star according to package directions.
5. After it cools, hot glue it to the wood or cork.

In the name of all that is sacred,
we cast our circle ‘round,
By the turning of the eternal wheel,
By love we are bound.

In this circle,
Carefully drawn,
Knowledge we seek,
Truth be found.
In this circle
We form a connection,
Shadows stay out,
Light our protection.
In this day
And from this hour,
Love is strength,
Love is power.
As we will it
So will it pass.
As we will it
So mote it be.