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Planting by the Signs

During a 28-day cycle, the moon spends 2 1/2 days in each sign. The most fertile signs and hence the best time for planting, are the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. The Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are next. Taurus and Capricorn are best for root crops and will produce a strong, hardy plant. Capricorn is excellent for all cactus and drought resistant plants. Libra rules beauty and is therefore excellent for planting ornamentals and flowers.

The first day the moon is in a sign is better for planting than the second, and the second is better than the third (remember-the moon is in each sign 2 1/2 days). The very best times for planting are the new moons in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, and Taurus (in that order). Below is a list of what is best done during each moon sign.

  • ARIES~Plant onions. Cultivate, kill weeds and insects.
  • TAURUS~Good for planting root crops and seedlings.
  • GEMINI~Don’t plant!  Good for reading up on gardening!
  • CANCER~This is the most fertile sign of the Zodiac. Best time for planting, cultivating, grafting and transplanting (especially above-ground crops).
  • LEO~This is the driest, most barren sign. It is good for killing weeds and pests.
  • VIRGO~Good for getting your garden in order.
  • LIBRA~Very good for planting all ornamentals and flowers.
  • SCORPIO~Very good for all planting, irrigating and pruning to stimulate growth.
  • SAGITTARIUS~Best for just enjoying being out doors and sun-bathing in your garden!
  • CAPRICORN~Good for all root crops. (See notes above).
  • AQUARIUS~Have a few friends over to enjoy your garden!
  • PISCES~Things planted now will grow beyond belief!

From Care2 ~ Witchy Cooking & More group


Zodiac Incenses

ARIES INCENSE   2 Parts Frankincense 1 Part Juniper 3 Drops Cedarwood oil

TAURUS INCENSE 2 parts Sandalwood 2 Parts Benzoin few drops Rose Oil

GEMINI INCENSE 2 Parts Gum Mastic 1 Part Citron -or- 1 Part mixed Orange and Lemon peel 1/2 Part Mace

CANCER INCENSE 2 Parts Myrrh 1 Part sandalwood 1 Part Eucalyptus 1 part Lemon peel (or a few drops of lemon oil)

LEO INCENSE Parts Gum Mastic 1 Part sandalwood 1 Part Juniper berries

VIRGO INCENSE 1 Part Mace 1 Part Cypress few drops Patchouli Oil

LIBRA INCENSE 2 Parts sandalwood 1 part thyme few drops Rose Oil

SCORPIO INCENSE 2 Parts Frankincense 1 Part Galangal 1 Part Pine resin (pitch)

SAGITTARIUS INCENSE 2 Parts Frankincense 1 Part Myrrh 1 Part Clove

CAPRICORN INCENSE 2 Parts Sandalwood 1 Part Benzoin a few drops Patchouli Oil

AQUARIUS INCENSE 1 Part Sandalwood 1 Part Cypress 1 Part Pine Resin

PISCES INCENSE 2 Parts Frankincense 1 Part Eucalyptus 1 Part Lemon Peel few drops Sandalwood oil

Medical Astrology – Disease as a Transformative Force – By Margi Lebold

While disease is hardly a cheery subject, it can be a positive, transformative force in one’s life.  To an astrologer, disease is a signal that the planetary energies are being misused (or have been misused in the past lives).  It is the lower vibration of the energies manifesting in the body.

Showing people how to make the transformation, from the lower to the higher vibration, should be the goal of every good astrologer.  Illness, injury and disease are the signposts that show us that this transformation needs to occur.

In astrology, each sign rules different parts of the body, associated with different areas of the life.  An illness or injury to a specific part of the body shows what area of the life needs attention.  Below is a list of each sign of the zodiac; the major parts of the body ruled by each sign; the most common health problems of each sign; and the area of life that needs harmonizing.  Dis-ease is lack of harmony and balance.

It is important to note that we all have 12 signs in our birth charts, and planets in various signs and houses.  The Sun sign alone is only a small part of the whole picture.  Not every Gemini will have asthma, for instance.  But a Gemini might have bad teeth, in which case one would look for planets in Capricorn, in the 10th house, an ill-aspected Saturn, and transits in those places.

What follows is a basic introduction to medical astrology.  Contact a qualified astrologer for more in-depth and personal information.

ARIES (Mars, 1st House):
Rules:  Head, face, nose, ears, eyes and mouth.

Common health problems:  Headaches, migraines, eye strain, infections, fevers, acne, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, cataracts, accidents to the head.

Areas of life:  Personal energy needs redirecting.  Anger, tension, ambitions and frustration are major causes of ill health.

Relaxation, self-acceptance and positive releases of energy in sports, jogging, physical labor and sex would be the way out.  Yes, sex.  The Aries person who says, “Not tonight,  dear, I have a headache,” is turning down the cure for their headache.  More than likely it is caused by anxiety or sexual tension.

TAURUS (Venus, 2nd House):
Rules:  Neck, throat, cerebellum, Eustachian tubes, larynx, tonsils and vocal cords.

Common health problems:   Sore throats, laryngitis, tonsillitis, coughing, inner ear infections and clogged Eustachian tubes.

Areas of life:   Values, materialism, possessiveness, jealousy, worry and finances are the major causes of ill health.  Of all the signs, Taurus is the most threatened by change, because there is a fear of loss.

Taurus needs to learn to let go of things emotionally, to detach from them, so there is no fear of loss left.  To transform the values away from the physical to the metaphysical.

GEMINI (Mercury, 3rd House):
Rules:  Shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, breath and nerves.

Common health problems:    Bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, nervous disorders and tuberculosis.

Areas of life:   Conscious mind, early environment, siblings and communication.   Gemini disorders are mostly derived from wrong thought patterns or from being too mentally active.  The most common complaint of Gemini people is that they can’t quiet their minds, so they stay on the go all the time.  Their minds wear their bodies out.

Reading, hand crafts, meditation, self-hypnosis and yoga would be recommended forms of relaxation.  Mental discipline and positive though patterns would need to be cultivated.

CANCER (Moon, 4th House):
Rules:  Stomach, breasts, digestive organs and womb.

Common health problems:  Cancer, indigestion, alcoholism, gastritis.

Areas of life:   Subconscious, inner and outer home, mother and emotions.  Most Cancer disorders are caused by holding in anger, resentment, pain and insecurity.  These repressed emotions literally eat away at the person who tends to hold onto and dwell on a situation –- feeding and nurturing it, giving it more and more power –- instead of digesting the experience and letting it pass through.  Cancer men especially build walls around their emotions and pretend they don’t exist, and are therefore prone to alcoholism.

Cancer people need to find positive emotional outlets, with “outlets” being the key word.

LEO (Sun, 5th House):
Rules:   Heart, spinal column, dorsal region and the spinal cord.

Common health problems:   Disease of the heart, heart attack, palpitations and spinal meningitis.

Areas of life:   Love affairs, children, creativity and self expression.  Most Leo disorders are caused by the will, pride and ego being too strong.  Leo people take pride in everything they do, so they tend to overdo for pride’s sake.

The antidote for Leo is simple, it’s love.  They need to slow down and spend times with their children and loved ones.  And they mostly need to develop self love, for egotism is really the manifestation of insecurity and self-deprecation.  It is easy for Leos to love others, but difficult for them to accept that they are worthy of love themselves.

VIRGO (Mercury, 6th House):
Rules:   Intestines, abdominal cavity, spleen and the sympathetic nervous system.

Common health problems:  Peritonitis, appendicitis, ulcers and hypochondria.

Areas of life:  Work, service and health.  Most Virgo disorders come from being over critical of themselves and others.  They tend to analyze everything too closely, and to worry over their health.  Virgo is Mercury ruled, as is Gemini, and also tends toward nervous disorders.

Virgos need to learn to relax and to lose themselves in service to others.  The key words for Virgo are “Serve or Suffer.”  But they must learn to serve others without expectation of return in order to maintain their health.

LIBRA (Venus, 7th House):
Rules:  Kidneys, lumbar vertebrae, ureter, adrenals.

Common health problems:   All forms of kidney troubles, lumbago, diabetes and anuria.

Areas of life:  Marriage, partnerships and unions.  As Isabel Hickey says in her book, ASTROLOGY: A COSMIC SCIENCE: “Kidneys act as the purifiers of the toxins that can accumulate in the body, relationships act as purifiers where the psychological body is concerned.”

In Libra a person needs to develop a “we” consciousness, to learn to cooperate; and to bring the soul and personality into balance.

SCORPIO (Pluto, 8th House):
Rules:  Generative system, bladder, prostate gland, colon and rectum.

Common health problems:  Ruptures, hemorrhoids, venereal disease, hysterectomy, impotency and alcoholism.

Areas of life:   Transformation, death and regeneration.  Most Scorpio disorders are karmic in origin.  They almost always deal with past life lust, greed and misuse of power.

Scorpio needs to transform away from lust to love, away from trying to be the power to being a channel for the power.  Needs to transform values.

SAGITTARIUS (Jupiter, 9th House):
Rules:  Hips, thighs, sacral region, liver, sciatic nerve, arterial system and the femur.

Common health problems:   Accidents or injuries to those parts of the body, obesity, and liver disorders.

Areas of life:  Religion, philosophy and higher educations.  Sagittarius is generally a very healthy sign.  Sagittarius disorders are mostly caused by excess and from being foolhardy.

Sagittarius needs to learn moderation, organization and to think before acting.  Accidents to the hips and thighs indicate a need to reexamine the belief system.

CAPRICORN (Saturn, 10th House):
Rules:   Knees, hair, bones, teeth and skin in general.

Common health problems:   Skin diseases, dislocations, fractures, broken bones, toothaches, gout, articular rheumatism and depression.

Areas of life:  Career, profession, honor and public prestige.  Capricorn disorders are mostly caused by business anxieties, cares or losses.  Capricorns can be ruthless in business and not care who they step on and tend to have strong feelings of superiority.

Humility is the characteristic that needs to be cultivated.  Capricorns need to attune themselves to the higher plan, to find their place in that plan, and to see that it is not superior or inferior to the role of others.

AQUARIUS (Uranus, 11th House):
Rules:  Circulation, ankles, calves, Achilles tendon, and the shin bone.

Common health problems:   Sprained and broken ankles, varicose veins, arthritis and poor circulation.

Areas of life:  Friendships, goals and objectives.  Aquarius disorders are mostly caused by selfishness, rigidity and crystallization of the emotions.

Aquarius needs to transform away from coldness to the universal love principle.  Can be accident prone when being too rebellious or impulsive.  Impersonal love for all life is the antidote for ill health in Aquarius.

PISCES (Neptune, 12th House):
Rules:  Lymphatic processes, feet, toes, and pineal gland.

Common health problems:   Accidents to feet and toes, bunions, corns, alcoholism, insanity and drug addiction.

Areas of life:   Pisces disorders are caused by a sense of separateness and aloneness that no one can fill.  As Isabel Hickey said, “The only true freedom for Pisces comes through spiritual orientation.”

Pisces must get in touch with their inner being, the God self, to feel complete.  When they don’t, they tend to escape through alcohol, drugs and mental breakdowns.  Serve or Suffer are also the keywords here.
Originally published in the Catalyst

Astrology and Children ~ Margi Lebold

Understand your child better through astrology

As metaphysicians today, our major role is to act as a light for the children of the New Age.  We need to raise them as individuals and help them to reach their greatest potential.  Astrology is the tool I use.

By studying their child’s chart, parents can discover the child’s talents and positive character traits.  They then know in what areas to lend encouragement.  Parents can also find out what lessons their child is here to learn and what past life karma s/he has brought over.  In other words, parents can discover why the soul of that child came through THEM, and how they can best fulfill their responsibility as parents.

Astrology can also be used as a problem solving tool in parent-child relationships.  If, a parent is having trouble communicating with a child, or the child is rebellious and sullen, a comparison or composite chart could be done which would show how to go about dealing with the difficulty.

For instance, Mercury rules communications.  If, Mercury were in the sign of Scorpio in the parents’ chard, and the sign of Leo in the child’s chart, that would be a square aspect.  There would be tension in communicating.  But if, the parent had the Moon in Cancer, and the child had the Moon in Scorpio, that would form a trine aspect.  Parent and child would contact on a feeling level.  The solution would be to express themselves on the feeling levels rather than intellectually.  To show love, caring and concern.  Words alone would not be an affective communicator.

Doing a child’s birth charts can give them an advantage, a head start on their own personal growth and understanding, by helping them learn how and why they perceive life and experience as they do.

And it is one valuable parenting tool that is not designed to encompass all children, but is rather geared to each individual child.

Originally published in Catalyst magazine.