Exploring Options

With the house and car being paid off in a few months we are facing a time of possibilities.  It’s funny how one gets so used to living a certain way that the idea of freedom becomes frightening.  At 65, I find myself facing the reality that I can go out and do something just because I want to do it.  Go someplace just because I want to see it.  That doesn’t mean I can do anything.  I have some physical limitations.  But there are lots of things that I can do and an extra $900.00 a month income makes that even more true.  So it’s time to seriously explore our options instead of just talking about them.

We have tossed around several possibilities over the years.  But only a few come back time and again.  Buying a motor home and driving the behemoth around doesn’t excite us.  People we’ve known who have done it have told us that basically you just go from RV supplier to RV supplier to keep the things going.  We’ll pass on that I think.  But there are some intriguing possibilities.

The simplest would be to do nothing.  Do some remodeling to make the house more senior friendly.  We could put in a bathroom downstairs and move down there where it is easier to heat and cool.  Or we could put in central air/heat and remodel the bathroom upstairs.  Put up solar panels.  It’s all doable.  And we have been so happy here that this is a really good option.

We’ve also talked about building a granny house in the backyard and moving the Peel family into the house.  I really do like the idea of multi-generational living.  It seems so much more natural to me.  The young ones supplying the brawn and the oldies helping with the youngsters.  We have even kicked around the idea of converting the garage into a granny house. This is probably the most expensive option and would tie us right back to a mortgage.

But there are some down sides to staying here in Ogden.  We live at 4300′ above sea level.  Fred is on oxygen 24/7.  The Wasatch Front is developing a serious air quality problem.  There were several days last winter where we had the worst air quality in the nation.  These are not just words to us anymore.  Fred really feels it.  We’ve had some bad ozone days this summer too.  We’re also feeling the extremes of temperature.  It gets too hot and too cold to go out walking.  My knees stop bending at about 23 degrees.  That is Jan. and Feb.  Then it’s too hot to do much walking in July and Aug.  That’s a third of the year.  I’m not thrilled with being housebound a third of the year.

Or we could do the snow bird thing.  I always wondered how people could afford to do that.  Now I know.  Pay off all of your debt and you can go spend the winter in AZ.

Or we could really look at relocating to a place with a less extreme climate and a lower elevation.  I’ve often looked at the Eugene, OR. area as a possibility.  Mountain Rose Herbs is located there!!  The temperatures are more moderate so we would gain back that third of a year.  I might be able to do some gardening all year!  The elevation is 430′.  How much difference will an almost 4k elevation difference make to Fred?  Could he get completely off of oxygen?  Or only use it a night?  I’d really like to know.  Mountain Rose Herbs is located there!!  Medical marijuana is legal there.  That is a big deal for me.  I’m allergic to all prescription pain meds.  And let me tell you that Tylenol is not strong enough to alleviate the pain of knee replacement surgery.  Just knowing that it would be available should I need it is comforting.  And did I mention that Mountain Rose Herbs is located there!!  🙂

So today we are starting to really explore our options.  We are tentatively looking at spending at least a month in the Eugene area in Nov.  We really want to explore that whole corridor from Ashland to Corvallis.  The Peel family has agreed to keep an eye on the old homestead while we go exploring.  We’ll take the dogs with us.

Today I spent some time looking at zoning and building requirements.  I’m very discouraged by what I found.  Building a little granny house is just as big a hassle as building a full sized home.  Contractors, architects, permits and no where to just ask a general question about if either option is even possible.  I worked for the State of Utah for 30 years.  I’ve had enough bureaucracy to last a lifetime.  We’ve both decided that we’d rather live in a mobile home then deal with this shit.  I guess it’s progress of a sort.  At least we’ve got one thing crossed off the list.

I also spent some time setting up things to follow online in the Eugene area.  I was a little surprised by the first headline that came up on on my FB page.  “Hash oil Explosion Injures One and Destroys House”.  Now there is a headline you don’t see in Utah!!  I also discovered that they do a big drum circle at the farmer’s market in Eugene every Sat.  And all of those old white-haired hippie folk look like my kind of tribe.  Also a FB medical marijuana shop on with pictures that blew us both away.  This could be a lot of fun.

The photo is from our little drum circle on Sunday.  That’s me with the djembe and Fred looking at the photographer.



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I live in Utah where I'm a disenfranchised liberal and a pagan. Sometimes I ask myself why I stay here and then I look out my window or take a drive and see the beauty that surrounds me and I stop questioning it. I love our Mother Earth and I'm interested in the natural world. I retired from public service last year and I'm enjoying the time I have to pursue my interests in herb gardening, cross stitch, crocheting, photography and learning new things. I'm also enjoying the fact that I don't have to keep quiet about religion and politics anymore. Now that I'm retired I have the freedom of a regular citizen and I can speak my mind which I frequently do on Facebook. Love N' Light! update 8/6/15 I have been the owner of 2 groups on Care2 for a number of years. I love those groups and I've given a lot of energy to creating interesting posts, as have many of the group members. Care2 has been a mess for several years and more and more people have left. A few diehards post chatty stuff in the Crones group. But Witchy Cooking & More is dormant. Care2 has made it known that they will be removing inactive groups so I have been copying over posts that I have made in those groups. I've also copied over some of my favorite posts from the group members. Especially the poetry of my friend Mel DarkDeer.

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