DIY Smudge Sticks!

Do you know what smudging is?

Smudge sticks are tightly bound bundles of herbs (often sage), that are slowly burned as a way to purify and cleanse your house or yourself. Originally, the roots of or smudging come from North American Native purification ceremonies, but can be used by anyone to clear negative energy and as an added bonus – makes your rooms smell nice.

  • Step 1. Get some herbs! If you have a garden, chances are good that you have enough ingredients to make at least one smudge stick.  Typically sage is used but there’s also Cedar, Sweetgrass, Mugwort, Lavender and so much more out there to try! You can experiment by mixing different combinations and seeing which smells the best to you.
  • Step 2. Clip herbs into similarly sized lengths so they can burn at the same rate. The bigger the better, make ‘em nice and fat if you can. They burn slower and last longer. Wrap a string around the base of the herbs, make sure the string is thick enough and won’t break easily.
  • Step 3. Begin to wrap the string tightly around the herbs, going on an upwards angle. Make sure it’s as tight as possible and progresses upwards. Wrap it around twice in the same spot if need be. Once you get to the top, wrap it towards the bottom in a criss cross pattern. Wrap it as much as you see fit, then tie it at the bottom. Cut the string, and there you go!
  • Step 4. Set the bundles aside somewhere dry and dark where there is good air circulation. You can hang them using string or thin wires; you can even attach it to a fan for quick drying

Or you can just lay them out flat to dry, but make sure the air circulation gets underneath the bundle as well – it if doesn’t completely dry out, it will be hard to light.

And just like that, you have a magical wand of purity!

You can walk around your home, waving it around to gets lots of smoke.

Traditionally feathers were used to garner more smoke in sacred ceremonies.

The more you move it, the more smoke is released. Happy smudging!


About kronekraft

I live in Utah where I'm a disenfranchised liberal and a pagan. Sometimes I ask myself why I stay here and then I look out my window or take a drive and see the beauty that surrounds me and I stop questioning it. I love our Mother Earth and I'm interested in the natural world. I retired from public service last year and I'm enjoying the time I have to pursue my interests in herb gardening, cross stitch, crocheting, photography and learning new things. I'm also enjoying the fact that I don't have to keep quiet about religion and politics anymore. Now that I'm retired I have the freedom of a regular citizen and I can speak my mind which I frequently do on Facebook. Love N' Light! update 8/6/15 I have been the owner of 2 groups on Care2 for a number of years. I love those groups and I've given a lot of energy to creating interesting posts, as have many of the group members. Care2 has been a mess for several years and more and more people have left. A few diehards post chatty stuff in the Crones group. But Witchy Cooking & More is dormant. Care2 has made it known that they will be removing inactive groups so I have been copying over posts that I have made in those groups. I've also copied over some of my favorite posts from the group members. Especially the poetry of my friend Mel DarkDeer.

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